She Felt We Were Not Meant To Be Together....

As she was walking away from me
I thought the images of the times we spent together will flash before me, but no
The images that came to me was a collage of the people I had walked away...

Did the people I dump feel what I was feeling now?
Did I walk away when they wanted me the most?

Was I the person who they really thought I was?
Was all of this just a part of the theory 'what goes around come around'?

There were images, then a number of questions that flooded my mind
which by now was numb, numb with the thought the she had left,
blinded by the truth that she will not return again
aware of the fact that I will never find the answers
and finally I collapsed, calm as the waves that never hit the shore...


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Aidan Macarthur09-07-2019:05:24:10 am

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