Its 12 and Here comes another NEW YEAR

The best time to update blogs is midnight because all my fans are sleeping and the traffic on my blog is minimal and I can update it without any feeling of being watched by people all over( Some dreams I live on). No, that is not the actual the reason( but will be some day down the line) the actual reason is that my brain which works overtime all through the day just settles down a minute before the clock strikes 12 and then bham!! It starts giving out ideas that could solve the worlds crisis in a few moments, If only the International and sometimes national leaders listened to it but chuck it those idiots anyways wouldn’t get what I’m actually trying to tell.

Now coming back to the midnight story, I usually don’t look forward to anything other than sleeping at midnight but there is one day in the whole year where I make sure I’m up and ready with my brat!! senses at its peak. No NO people it’s not my birthday that I’m talking about it’s the NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!

When the clock struck 12 I was somewhere in the highway of Mysore camping out with friends and wishing the cops A HAPPY NEW YEAR, yeah you heard it right I was wishing THE cops the same people whom I wouldn’t wish if it was a any other day of the year( No offences meant by yeah it’s my blog and my views so it’s none of my business if anyone gets offended too). This year another special thing is that it was my first new year where I had stepped out from college life to being a professional.

The party was nothing like it was last year where I had a reserve fund called Dad’s money hence had partied in a resort with people I knew and also got to know on that night. But this year it was a quiet one because not all of us had received our salaries and my Dad’s bank had stopped transactions with my branch which I call the “Pocket Co-operative Society”. We were in a secluded place after a good 2 hour we reached at a farm which obviously did not belong to any of the 5 people who were present to what was called a Silent Welcome To Yet Another New Year but ended being another binge drinking session.

Nothing mentioned above was that exciting to me as I was bracing myself up to see these people sleep after boozing non stop and they did not disappoint me as they slipped to sleep and started snoring so loudly that they could easily put 2 women speaking at their highest decibels to shame. To escape that torture I stepped out of the car and sat on the bonnet listening to Eminem who could rap even underwater. Just as I was getting into the groove I heard rustling of the leaves in the nearby Jhaadi I ignored it at first assuming it to be a dog I even expected pigs too anything that did not have Bhoot woot in it ( Don’t even think that im scared of ghosts I am not at all scared, infact I had watched a ghost movie when I was a kid in broad daylight with all the lights on). But it was not a dog nor a pig out of the blue in a dark night a man stepped out of the jhaadi and trust me I jumped out of the bonnet thinking how fast could I run to outrun a white Male ghost. Just as I was about to run he called me I was not ready to turn back but he addressed me as SIR!!! Then I thought Okay this is a gentleman ghost and I could manage somehow. Slurring and wobbling the ghost came to me and Said HAPPY NEW YEAR, I looked at his toes first it was right like mine and I was so happy that instead of running on the opposite side like I had planned before I ran towards him hugged him so hard and before I could even wish him the ‘GHOST’ got so terrified that he didn’t even wait to listen to my wish he began briskly walking then jogging then finally running.

This is how the new year went and it ended with my eyes pulling me towards sleep just like it is pulling me now and I was off to the la la land.
Now its time to end the write up c ya all soon….. gud nite …….


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