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Travelling, especially during Christmas holidays can be a chore. With air fares rising, the extra influx of people everywhere and nobody wants to do work like PLAN when the holidays roll around. At least, I am of that opinion. My holidays are not something I want to work extra for; it should be natural and involve minimal planning. As lazy as this statement come off, most working people will agree with me.

Keeping all this in mind, I went on holiday to Thailand in December. The air fare and accommodation was cheap and I was sure I could split my time between shopping and lying by the beach. I do understand that holidays never turn out the way you expect them. I’ve been on enough of them to know that’s usually how it works. Imagine my surprise though, when I got to do exactly that.

Phuket (pronounced pu-ket not fu-ket), is paradise as it caters to every single version of a holiday one might possess. Shopping- check. Adventure sports- check. Beautiful beaches- check. Vegetarian friendly- check. Meet fascinating people- check. Especially when you are travelling with four strong minded people with very different ideas of fun. My father wanted to relax, my sister wanted to get a tan and get some reading done, my mother wanted to explore and I wanted to participate in every adventure sport I could and get some shopping done. Surprise, surprise- we managed to get all this done! All this without the excessive crowd of people choking you, as one would expect from a popular destination like Thailand. I assure you, I'm not lying or even exaggerating.

You don’t have to stay at a fancy hotel because all you need is a place to sleep as you are out most of the day. You don’t even have to pack a lot of things from home as one can shop for several lifetimes here with pretty much everything you need under the sun being available and ridiculously low prices. Do take adequate medicines though. I burnt my leg by accident on the silencer of a scooter and paid an arm and a leg for a tube of ointment that would have cost me a maximum of a hundred rupees in India.

The beautiful scenery inspires you, and the blue beaches leave you speechless. Well at least until you get used to it. Explore the countryside yourself by renting a scooter. Most people speak English and will respond to politeness and hand gestures. With snorkeling equipment being easy enough to rent, try checking out the amazing corals a few yards into the shallow beaches. Take a boat out to the Phi-Phi Islands and admire the beautiful green mountains that seem to spring out from the water. Rent a kayak for a few hundred baht and go exploring the beautiful blue yourself.

The food is delicious and the motivation from the scenery to explore is irresistible. Cheap, beautiful and inspiring. One cannot ask for more from a holiday destination. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Phuket to see the amazing things this country has to offer the entire family.


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